Monday, February 22, 2010

It’s About The Community

[This post represents another brief break in my Jaspersoft 3.7 Enterprise Edition features series, this time to recognize Jaspersoft reaching some significant community milestones, announced today.]

In January, Jaspersoft surpassed the 10 million download mark – which places Jaspersoft among an elite handful of commercial open source vendors. Even more incredible, we’re not making an operating system, development language or middleware. We develop enterprise-class business intelligence software!

But the most important milestone for us was the number 120,000. That’s how many registered members in our community have now signed up to partner with us in working on more than 350 projects that extend and amplify Jaspersoft’s platforms. Today we have by far the largest total ecosystem in all of business intelligence. More than Cognos. More than Business Objects. And more than Hyperion. This community is incredibly global, with more than 150 countries represented and contributions coming from nearly every corner of the globe.

Today we’re marking this incredible progress with an announcement about the great strides our community has made in helping millions of people around the world solve real business problems with open source business intelligence software.

Jaspersoft recognizes that a growing successful community of interest is also about participation. Everyone pitches in. And, if we’re not creating real value for this great community of people, they’ll move on. That’s why Jaspersoft and the community, to-date have contributed more than one quarter of a million lines of software code each to our wildly popular JasperReports, iReport, JasperServer and JasperAnalysis projects. To put that into a business context, Jaspersoft and its community’s contributions to these projects represent an estimated $9 million engineering investment, according to

Most amazingly, we’re proud of the innovation that comes from our community’s use of Jaspersoft’s reporting and analysis software. By our leading and organizing the development of this powerful BI platform, so many others can put it to work in ways we can scarcely envision. For example . . .

Spiral Universe uses JasperReports and iReport to flexibly design and deploy reports for schools. From class attendance records to complete transcripts and even grade cards, this is a great use of our highly precise, sophisticated reporting tools. And, Sinfo One SpA uses JasperServer to integrate reporting and analysis into its ERP software, which provides a simple but powerful way to update an older system and deliver new value to its customers.

My hat’s off to the engaged and energetic community members who, by collaborating and participating, make the complete Jaspersoft experience so much more valuable.

The contributions that Jaspersoft makes to our community and the vibrant community that in turn supports us with their innovation help make us not only a good open source software partner but also a more successful commercial company. Earlier this month, Jaspersoft was awarded a prestigious Intelligent Enterprise Editors’ Choice Award, cited as one of the most important “Companies to Watch” in 2010. One of the several reasons for this recognition is the significant community of developers and practitioners that we’ve fostered. I’m particularly proud of Jaspersoft’s gritty, community roots and want to ensure we remain true to its ideals and this heritage. My thanks to Intelligent Enterprise for recognizing this.

Brian Gentile
Chief Executive Officer

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