Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cloud BI Progress & Pitfalls

In my on-going effort to uncover and discuss key BI industry trends, I recently authored a new article for my TDWI column (called “The BI Revolution”), under the same headline as this post. In that article, I focused on the big market that will emerge for BI in the cloud. Even more importantly, I shed light on the definitional and technological pitfalls that are confusing this market as it seeks to deliver more efficient cloud-based business intelligence.

Rather than address my main points here, I encourage you to read my post at the TDWI website and then add your comments and thoughts here.

Cloud BI = BI for SaaS + BI for PaaS
I note that the cloud as a transformational infrastructure will drive big use of BI for SaaS (on-demand analytical applications) and BI for PaaS (application development and deployment in the cloud). I am less bullish on SaaS BI (on-demand, general-purpose BI in the cloud) because I believe growth will continue to be fueled by BI embedded in data-driven applications, rather than delivered in any standalone use.

We’re constantly tuning the Jaspersoft website on this topic, building out content that seeks to explain, educate and amplify the technological and business benefits of BI in the Cloud. One important point left out of my TDWI post describes Jaspersoft’s focus on and success in BI for PaaS (platform-as-a-service).

Recently, Jaspersoft has been very active in BI for PaaS. We are working with all the major PaaS providers to ensure our BI platform is available within these new cloud-based development and deployment environments. Just last month, Jaspersoft announced an important partnership with Red Hat, making our BI server available immediately in the OpenShift (public cloud) and CloudForms (private cloud) environments. Then, Jaspersoft produced a blog post and video to highlight its support of VMWare’s CloudFoundry PaaS environment, with a more formal announcement pending. Overall, our head of Product & Alliances summed it up best:

“Jaspersoft’s intention is to be the de facto standard in BI for PaaS, enabling the broadest community of software developers to use our tools in their favorite cloud environment,” said Karl Van den Bergh, Vice President of Product & Alliances at Jaspersoft. “We are uniquely positioned to capitalize on this shift of application development to the cloud with our modern architecture, the world’s largest BI community building data-driven applications, and our open source model.”

Through my recent TDWI article and this post, my goal is to clarify the cloudy definitions around Cloud BI, the important pitfalls already witnessed, and the progress we can point to as a sense of optimism for what will be a bright Cloud BI future.

Brian Gentile
Chief Executive Officer

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