Monday, January 6, 2014

Trend #2: Cloud-Based Delivery Will Change The Analytics Consumption Pattern

From my many travels and conversations in 2013, I've synthesized four primary trends that I believe
will make 2014 a transformative year for reporting and analytics. Think of this as my travel log and diary distilled into a short, easily readable series of blog posts. I invite you to follow this short series with my first installment here and my second below.  Your comments and ideas will surely help shape not only my perspective on the future of reporting and analytics, but Jaspersoft's business intelligence product priorities as well.  I look forward to the on-going dialog and I thank our customers and partners for their business and partnership, which mean everything to us.

As cloud-originated data growth accelerates, the attractiveness of using additional cloud-based data management and analysis services will grow too. I’ve previously written about an entirely new generation of platform and middleware software that will emerge to satisfy the new set of cloud-based, elastic compute needs within organizations of all sizes.  Commonly at this software layer, utility-based pricing and scalable provisioning models will be chosen to more strictly match consumption patterns
with fees paid.  These improved economics, in turn, will enable broader use of platform and middleware software, especially reporting and analytics, than ever before possible.  

Additionally, cloud-based delivery portends a level of simplicity and ease-of-use (consumer-like services) that defies the earlier generation of enterprise software, ushering in deeper consumption of analytics by organizations of all sizes.  In short, cloud-based delivery becomes a key component of the quest for pervasive analytics – especially when those analytics are delivered as components within the web applications we use every day.

According to Nucleus Research: “As companies learn to take full advantage of the analytics functionalities that are now available with utility and subscription-based pricing options, they will continue to become more able to take advantage of market trends and opportunities before their peers and take advantage of the average return of $10.66 for every dollar spent in analytics.” In 2014, cloud-based delivery will change the analytics consumption pattern.


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